Database is low on log volume space


You can check the Server Health with the “MailboxSpace” healthset:

Get-ServerHealth –Identity exchange01 –HealthSet MailboxSpace

Get-ExchangeServer | Select AdminDisplayVersion

We can change this behaviour by creating a monitor override that sets the threshold to 10 GB.

For a normal Global Override you can use the –Duration option, which determines how long the threshold will override. This value can be between 0 and 60 days. If you want to change this permanently you can use the –ApplyVersion option.

Add-GlobalMonitoringOverride -Item Monitor –Identity MailboxSpace\StorageLogicalDriveSpaceMonitor -PropertyName MonitoringThreshold -PropertyValue 10 -ApplyVersion 15.0.1044.25

Get-GlobalMonitoringOverride | fl

To remove a global override, use the following syntax:

Remove-GlobalMonitoringOverride -Identity MailboxSpace\StorageLogicalDriveSpaceMonitor -ItemType Monitor -PropertyName MonitoringThreshold

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