General upgrade steps (from CU4 to CU10):



  1. Follow this link to download the latest version of Exchange 2013, CU10.
  1. Execute the downloaded file on the first Exchange server you will be upgrading to CU10.  I recommend extracting to an easy to type folder, like C:\Exch2013CU10.
  1. Note: Be mindful of hard disk space, it may make sense to extract to a folder on a disk other than C:
  1. Next, CU10 requires that you prepare AD and upgrade the AD Schema for Exchange 2013 CU10.
  1. Open a command prompt using right-click run-as-administrator
  1. change directory to the folder where you extracted the CU10 files “cd\Exch2013CU10″


setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms


setup.exe /PrepareAD /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms



  1. click ‘next’ on the connect to check for updates screen
  1. Once the update portion is complete file copying will begin
  1. Setup will detect this is an upgrade, click next to confirm/continue:
  1. Next, choose whether you accept the license agreement’
  1. The Readiness Checks will now occur
  1. Fix any issues found in the Readiness checks and click retry, repeat this process until the readiness checks complete successfully
  1. The upgrade will now proceed through its steps, starting with Organization Preparation
  1. The upgrade will take quite some time, and then once it’s complete it is recommended you reboot the server.



–        Move all DBs to one node and start upgrading the passive one, then move DBs to it, test and procced with the second node.

–        Please check the first link below for all issue related to OWA and resolved in this CU.

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