MDS SAN Switch Zoning

1- create alias
2- create zone
3- add members to zone.
4- add zone to zoneset.
5- activate zoneset
– Create Alias
# conf t
# devices-alias database
# devices-alias name test pwwn 50:06:01:61:41:e0:9b:6e
# devices-alias commit

To delete “no devices-alias name test pwwn 50:06:01:61:41:e0:9b:6e”

To rename device alias:

#devices-alias rename old-name new-name

Now you need to save new device alias to database:

#devices-alias commit
– create zone & add members to zone
# zone name test vsan 1
# member device-alias “device-alias-NAME”

-to delete zone :

# no zone name test vsan 1

– add zone to zoneset
# zoneset name ZONESET_test vsan 1
# member “zonename”
# zoneset activate name ZONESET_test vsan 1

#copy running-config startup-config


-Check status:

show zone status — to check # of zones

show zone active — check active zone

show fcns database
show zone

show fcns database detail

show zone status
show zone name zone_name
interface fc1/2

show run
show interface brief
show interface fc1/1

show interface brief
show fcs database

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